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Nicole Chenuil Version française

I was born on 7 October 1960 in Paris, and I have lived in all four corners of France. This gave me the opportunity to try my hand at our regional leisure activities! Climbing in Fontainebleau, hiking in the mountains when I lived in the Pyrenees. When I got to Marseille in 1988 I discovered diving, which became a passion that has remained with me ever since. It has given me a reason to travel around the world several times, from the North to the South of the Red Sea then Cuba, Jamaica, the Seychelles, the Maldives, Borneo, Madagascar, China … I began taking photos in the Celebes Sea of Indonesia in 2007, at the centre of the Indo-Pacific biosphere, one of the most diverse marine habitats on the planet!

From then on, my travels have been organised around photography, both on land and under the water, with a predilection for macro work. On each trip, the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom motivate me to continue in this photographic direction. They nourish me, energise me and stimulate my imagination for the other, more intimate work of painting. Approaching this living world constantly cultivates my curiosity and fascination, whether for an elephant or a sand hopper. Compared with the diversity of the planet, the scale of human life seems decidedly narrow.
“Because animals should not be measured against humans. In a world that is older and more complete than our own, animals evolve, finished, whole, gifted with the extension of the senses we have lost or never known, guided by voices we will never hear. They are neither brothers nor subordinates; they are other nations, caught like us in the net of life and time, prisoners like us of the splendour and labour of the earth.” Henri Beston - 1928